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The Auction Platform is the leading platform for traders and professional buyers across Europe.

Operating in 23 countries,we offer a wide range of high-quality used vehicles, cross-border buying options and transportation, as well as providing a range of remarketing services for our growing network of trusted third parties.

Traders (ending Dec 2019)
+ Bids (2019) Auctions provides

Tailored selection

The vehicles we recommend are tailored based on your preferences and purchase history, making bidding on vehicles quicker and more efficient.

Full transparency

Every vehicle is sold with a fully transparent appraisal report provided by one of our independent inspection partners. Unfair damages are noted, including accurate descriptions and high-quality photos. This process is also independently certified by TÜV Nord.

Daily auctions runs more than 25 daily auctions across European. You can browse through 1,000s of vehicles via our online platform or app. When registered, you will receive real time notifications about upcoming auctions. All sales exclude a buyer fee of €350 which is added at the time of invoicing. Currencies are indicated locally.

Bid on any car, anytime, anywhere

Available to professional buyers in more than 23 countries, Auctions offers a wide range of high-quality used cars available to bid via our online platform or via app

International bidding

Via the Auctions Platform and app, you can bid in international auctions, vehicles being offered are from 23 countries across Europe with the possibility of transportation.

Bidding from any device

The dedicated Actions app makes the bidding process smooth and swift, enabling you to purchase a vehicle any time, anywhere. The app enables you to browse auctions, submit bids, recieve instant notifications when outbid or alerts to new auctions.


The Transport Solution seamlessly enables you to calculate and order national and international transport for vehicles during the auction. Connecting you to a wider variety of vehicles on offer in different countries and have them delivered to their preferred location.

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Frequently Asked Question

How can I enter the Auction Platform?

You need to complete the registration process, this can be found here.

What requirments need to be fulfilled in order to register?

You need to be an professional car trader or dealer with a valid European VAT number.